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Sokratis Georgiadis

Sokratis Georgiadis has contributed greatly in the field of education. His work in the spiritual life of the island was marked by the establishment of the gymnasium of Evrychou. 

Sokratis Georgiadis was born in 1892 in the village Avgorou which is in Famagusta. He died in 1960. He loved his country and this is obvious from his efforts to help and support it. 

He was happily married and his wife’s name was Timothea Georgiadi. She was born in Flassou and they had three daughters. 

He studied at the Pancyprian Gymnasium and this was the first step for his future career in the filed of education. After his graduation he became a teacher in many schools of the island. 

The establishment of the educational institution of Evrychou constituted the peak of his career in education. The fulfillment of his dream was realized after many efforts and personal sacrifices. 

The eparch of Kyrinia Makarios II has helped Sokratis Georgiadis to build the school. Thus, after many efforts the Hellenic School of Solea was established in 1919. 

His dreams did not end with the establishment of the school. He also wanted the school to be declared as an equivalent of a Greek school. Thus, he went in Athens in order to find professors and persuade them to come in Cyprus and teach at the Hellenic School of Solea. His decision to visit Greece was completely justified as in Cyprus there were no Higher Education Institutions and there were no qualified professors who would be able to prepare the Cypriot teachers and recruit the Cypriot Institutions. The regulation for the declaration of a CypriotSchool as an equivalent of a GreekSchool, defined that it should be recruited with Greek professors. 

His efforts have given fruits as the Hellenic School of Evrychou was declared as an equivalent of the Greek Schools.

Sokratis Georgiadis became the first headmaster of the school that he established. His efforts and his dedication to the school were constant and he was the General Secretary of the School. 

His agonistic personality has pushed him to fight for his beliefs. During the rebellion known as “Oktovriana” he fought passionately against the English conquerors and for this reason his license was attaint. 

His passion and love for his country was transmitted to his school and this is obvious from its action during the National war against the English conquerors in 1955-59. 

The contribution of Sokratis Georgiadis in the field of education was great and this offers him a special place in the history of his island. The establishment of the HellenicSchool has contributed in the conservation of the national ideals of the Greek-Cypriots.

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